SMOLEŃ All-Wood is the Poland’s largest manufacturer and renter of temporary flooring products, ice arena flooring, event flooring, dance flooring, stadium flooring etc, SMOLEŃ firm has been on the market since 1950. The main production is focused on ice hockey sticks, hurling sticks and bundy hockey sticks.

In 1999 we started making ice ring floors. Based in Męcina, a picturesque village in the south of Poland, we manufacture and market a wide range of portable flooring systems that are ideal for any type of facility and special event. Our products are proudly manufactured of carefully chosen ash wood, high-quality materials and are backed by the Smoleń quality guarantee.


Three-dimensional concrete formwork

Three-dimensional concrete formwork panels of high quality, made from spruce and fir wood. Saturated with melamine resins which gives the panels good chemical resistance, high durability and high quality concrete cast surface. They are mainly used for concrete formwork but thanks to their functionality, they are suitable formwork panels for each type of casting. These panels have been designed to meet the requirements of different types of castings in order to achieve the highest quality concrete cast finish.
2000x500x21 mm
2000x500x27 mm


  1. Three-dimensional panels made from spruce and fir wood.
  2. Both sides saturated with melamine resins which made them water resistance and highest quality concrete cast finish.
  3. Minimal deflection due to exceptional stiffness.
  4. Lightweight – Easy to handle on site.
  5. Wide variety of different sizes available.

szalunkowa płyta trójwarstwowa smolen



Timber beams H20

The technical condition: brand new

Timber formwork H20 beams made from spruce and fir wood, ideal for concrete construction. Made in different standard sizes. High stiffness, light weight, rot-proof and frozen-proof painting.
1,30 m
1,45 m
1,80 m
2,15 m
2,45 m
2,65 m
2,90 m
3,30 m
3,60 m
3,90 m
4,50 m


  1. Made from selected wood.
  2. High quality and endurance.
  3. Rot-proof and frozen-proof painting used.
  4. Laminated with high-grade glue.
  5. Easy recycling.